Fantasy career

I like being a librarian. A lot. But even so, I have a number of fantasy careers I’d like to have.  Here we go… along with my assessment of my chance to actually be any of these…

  • Writer: I write a lot, so technically I am a writer. I’d like to get paid for it. This is a possibility. My writing isn’t horrible. Mostly a matter of finding subject matter and devoting the time to it. I am working on this. I guess a good first step would be getting some kind of article published. One possible hangup – I only what to write about stuff I want to write about. No “assignments”.
  • Electronic Musician: While I do in fact have some electronic instruments and an electric guitar, and I enjoy recording little tunes, I’m not really a musician. Chance of getting paid? About zero. Still, a fun hobby.
  • Professional Aikido teacher: Probably too late for this, though my Aikido is progressing. You really need to start early in life to be someone who makes a meager living from teaching Aikido. However, combining this goal with writing is a possibility, and I have in fact started a rough draft on a book about Aikido and it’s relationship to life. Not sure it would ever sell, but I’m writing it.
  • Artist: I’d love to be a visual artist. I have some natural talent that was ignored by the school systems if not actively discouraged, and I was too dumb to go against the grain. Not gonna happen, though I do still enjoy doing art.

So really, the writer thing is the one that is most likely to happen. Gotta work on that.

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