Dallas Zine Party

Sunday afternoon I participated in the first Dallas Zine Party, an event created by Randy Guthmiller and hosted at the Wild Detectives bookstore.

The Dallas Observer did a write-up of the event, as did Central Track, which even gave our mag (Broken Fingers: Freestyle Skateboarding Quarterly) a shout-out. I was really happy to see that!

Kitbashes manipulates sounds in a most pleasing way.

Kitbashes manipulates sounds in a most pleasing way.

The event hosted several musical acts, all doing super creative electronic/noise/ambient/minimalist kind of stuff. My friends Micah and Shelby, as Kitbashes, were there. It was my first time to hear them live, and I could have used more. It’s hard to describe what they do. Just see them, close your eyes, and let the sound wash over you.

The crowd drew people from various different spheres of influence – the “art” scene, the real art scene, hippies, weirdos, librarians, skaters, literati, etc, etc.

Getting so many creative people together is fantastic. It’s great to see what other people are doing and share ideas.

Can’t wait until next year’s event!

Oh, I should note that my favorite zine is Big Hands. It is uncommon in that it is composed of very well-written autobiographical stories — very engaging. I discovered it on Microcosm Publishing’s website, but the seem to be out, so email the writer, Aaron, and ask if you can buy them.




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