Crisis on Infinite Convergences.

DC comics is planning yet another reboot of their entire Multiverse. This article talks about it a bit. 

I was around for their first foray into Multiversal Rebooting – the Crisis on Infinite Earths. This happened back in the late 1980s. It was an attempt to consolidate the roughly 1 million different “Earths” — or universes in a multiverse – into roughly one such universe. The notion was that DC comics continuity had become too complex for writers or readers to deal with.

If memory serves, this was a pretty cool mini series. Strike that. They killed off Barry Allen (the Flash). He saved the multiverse, but died in the process. That sucked. He was my favorite DC character. But other than that it wasn’t too bad. They seemed to still sort of honor the old continuity somewhat.

But of course more dimensions eventually appeared. Or that is my recollection. Barry died for nothing.

So in 2011 DC again rebooted their comics with this New 52 thing. Kind of like starting from scratch with characters you already know, but trying to modernize them a bit.

Yeah, I’ve written and bitched about his before.

I’ve written about how I hate the new flashy artwork and “Marvel-ization” of the DC universe.  I don’t like Superman wearing some kind of armor. WTF? He’s Superman, right? He doesn’t need Kryptonian armor to be his costume. Etc, etc, etc…lots of shit like that.

So now they are going to apparently but not for sure ditch the New 52 — to be replaced with what?

Here is my recommendation. Same as it was last time I wrote about this.

The only thing DC has done in many years that has been worth reading was the Kingdom Come graphic novel mini series. In this series they didn’t seek to modernize the characters. If anything, they went BACK. It was genius. They simply connected with the real essence of each character, portraying them as the modern gods they are intended to be.

That is where they should go.

The number of dimensions doesn’t matter. None of that matters. What matters is the core essence of what makes these characters great, and finding writers and artists who can connect with that. The rest of the creative staff can go write 50 more X-Men titles per month.

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