Collecting video clips

I’ve been trying to collect video clips for my part in the upcoming NeverWas 3 video. I feel like my sections in video 1 and video 2 nearly exhausted my selection of tricks. It’s been hard to come up with new tricks for this one. Still, I’ve managed to get some stuff. I still have a couple of weeks or maybe three to get more. We’ll see. It’s crazy hot outside these days. 100 degrees F now at 4:30pm, so it’s going to be hot tonight. That’s Texas skating. If we do a 4th video, I may have to start skating vert (which isn’t really happening). I enjoy working on these video parts. Between them, and getting ready for Paderborn every year, I think it keeps me focused on learning some new stuff, even if that stuff is stuff that is only interesting to a handful of people. Truth is my feet and ankles kind of hurt, and doing moves that involve a lot of jumping makes me afraid my achilles tendon might just snap (I think my lead foot has bit of tendonitis in that spot, so I don’t really think it will snap, but it gets sore).

Still, heat, aches, and pains aside, I just love to skate.


2 thoughts on “Collecting video clips

  1. Eric sanders

    Christie’s are always a good move which when taking the hand off the board you are now in a shoot the duck mode. Old freestyle tricks are fun. That being said the heat is ugly this summer. 10pm and still 86 outside? no thanks. All your films are rad and I am sure whatever you film will have folks in awe. So glad I got to see you skate in person last year. Stay hydrated and be good to all tendons if possible.


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