I will be watching this episode of Frontline tonight — Climate of Doubt.

The total lack of discussion of climate change during the Presidential debates has been disappointing. Climate change remains probably the greatest threat to human civilization. One of the candidates, Romney, doesn’t even think humans have affected the climate. Obama does, but isn’t talking about it. At least Obama has taken some actions on the energy front that might help reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Romney would simply drill more and burn more. What a stupid asshole.

I’ve done quite a lot of reading on this topic, and frankly I think we are past the point of no return. If we haven’t already gone beyond our ability to stop the increasing in global average temperature, we certainly (as a country and a species) don’t seem to have the will to do what is necessary. Essentially, I think we are fucked. It makes me glad I don’t have kids, though I don’t feel good about the planet we’ll be leaving my beloved nephews and nieces. Sorry guys – some of us tried, but ignorant Republicans and greedy business men stopped us from doing anything.

One of the better books for the non-scientist lay person I’ve read is Hot: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth.  I recommend it. The author spent a lot of time on research, and documents the effects that climate change has already had on various societies.


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