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Parking Lot Antics

After a pretty rough week — busy at work and losing our cat, Casper — I got out to skate a bit today. I was pretty worn out, but Pandemic Parking Lot is always fun. Didn’t really “work” on anything today. Just rolled around and enjoyed skating. I streamed it live on Facebook, and these are clips from there, thus the shitty quality. I need to take my push broom out there. There are a lot of acorns, twigs, and random junk up by the curb, under the trees.

It’s fun to stream sessions on Facebook. I like to check and see who is watching and talk to them.

Rock n Roll

This is one of my favorite skate images I’ve ever taken.

I know here are problems with composition. I’m not a “real” photographer. I took this with a Canon Powershot Digital ELPH, a great, dependable, old, battered point n shoot camera I keep in my pocket a lot of times when I go out skating. A little manipulation with the Pixelmator app on my MacBook. I think it looks cool. The tweaking brings out the grunginess and gqarlyness of the spot. To me this is skateboarding.

click for full size

New board

Well, my Mode Pool board has reached the end of it’s useful life and so it has been retired. I have one remaining, but I’m saving it. To my knowledge it is now one of a kind.

I pulled the trucks and wheels from it and put them on this Super-8 deck that I’ve had for a while. It was part of my equipment hoarding during the early days of the pandemic. 8.5 wide”, 14.5″ wheelbase. The Indy 159s fit it perfectly. 54mm Bones STF 99a. The setup feels really good. 1/4″ may not seem that much larger than my 8.25″ Mode pops to a non-skater, but a quarter of an inch is a significant width difference.