Back on the Board

There is a hidden joke in this post. If you get it, you are a nerd.

This past Sunday afternoon it was only 90 F, and it was a nice day, so I finally got back out to skate. Simple stuff on a big board. I’m rusty, but the bigger problem is that after a summer of no skating due to the infernal heat I’m in bad condition. However, I know that a few sessions and my legs will feel strong again and everything will be fine.  I mean, I’ll still be a little too fat, but it will take a while to correct that.

It felt good to be back on the board. I think I had a certain amount of anxiety about it. I always do when I’ve not skated for a long time. As I skated I could feel the summer isolation depression melting away. This winter I’m going to have to start going to a skatepark at least one evening during the week just to have a lighted place to ride. Not crazy about that, but that’s how it is.

When I watch this clip on full-screen it’s not as horrifying as I thought. The song is Elephant Talk, by King Crimson, from their album Discipline. I like it!

Back on the board from Bob Loftin on Vimeo.

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