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The Mystic Weasel

This is a trick I’ve been working on. I guess it’s a trick. It’s more like series of little movements. The goal is to connect them with no hesitation between the little pivots. I’m getting closer. A few years ago I learned a similar series of moves I called the Magic Weasel, inspired by my friend Stefan Albert, in Germany who moves like a magic weasel. Smooth. So this is also inspired by him.

I like moves like this because they are useful in a freestyle contest run but are also fun on a street board. I practiced it today on my 9″ wide Mode pool board and my 8.25″ Mode pops. I’m going to try adding another 1/8th inch riser to the pops, and moving up to some 56mm wheels for better tail clearance during 360 spins.

As I’ve worked on this, I’ve come to understand a few things about it that make it good.

  • It isn’t just a series of pivots. What I’m trying to do is a series of pivots while I move in a greater circle. Sometimes if I cut part of it too short, the circle becomes more of a spiral, which is fine. Or it can be fine. It all depends on…
  • The transitions from one pivot to the next need to be smooth and instantaneous. I’m not quite there yet. Close, but not quite. In particular, after the first carving fakie 360, the transition to an endover pivot off the nose needs to be smoother, and to really keep it going it needs to project the motion a lot more behind the back.
  • That same transition into that endover — I do endovers that way all the time but I have never tried to draw them out and use them to project the motion in a curve. I’m getting better at that, and I think it will pay off on some other tricks I’ve been contemplating. This has been the most challenging part of this sequence by far. I’ve thought of bank/ditch tricks using this motion, but have never done them because I didn’t have it down. Now I will.

Anyway, I worked on this for an hour today. They started sort clunky and got better. Back at it tomorrow. This is how I do things. I just do that same thing over and over and over until I’ve got it.

Mystic Weasel Practice from Bob Loftin on Vimeo.

Media-free weekend

Yesterday (Friday, at about 6pm, I started a weekend long social media and news media blackout. I need a break from everything. Going to skate, write, read, and relax, and not worry about things I can’t do anything about. So pretty much what I should be doing anyway.

I’ll post some stuff on Instagram though. Not much there to upset me.

Skateboards are not weapons

I 100% hate the current administration, hate white supremacists, hate guns, hate abuse of power.

I also 100% hate seeing skateboards used as weapons.

The skateboard is a tool of self-expression. Seeing it used as a weapon in any context sickens me. Skaters – leave the boards at home when you go to a protest. Take something else if you need to defend yourself.


I’m not crazy about skateboarding when it’s really hot outside, but I’ve been unable to get out in the evenings, so today I went out at about noon. It was about 91°F, which is not as hot as it was supposed to get later. I managed to work in about an hour of skating while remaining hydrated. Same old stuff. Me rolling around a parking lot on a fairly big board.

It was just nice to roll.

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Skating when it’s way too hot.

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Went skating for a bit today. I hadn’t been on my board for at least two months. My legs felt like crap, and I nearly just went home, but I know from experience that if I’ve not skated in a while this is normal. Didn’t help that it was 1)daytime and 2)hot. Still, I ended up having a pretty good time. I just need to go about about 6:30pm, instead of 3pm.

Here I am farting around…

New stuff

I’m writing this from my new 16″ Macbook Pro. It’s nice to have a new computer. It has been many years since I had a “new” computer. Not complaining. The ones I’ve had have worked well for me. But this is a pretty nice machine. I put Adobe Creative Cloud on it, plus all the usual stuff. Ready to…stay home, stay inside, and do my own thing.

Without going into details, May was not a great month, and I still have a day or so left in it, so there’s still time for it to get worse. Hoping it won’t, as we are both worn out.


Pandemic Life Revisted

I think this is a revisit. I’ve written about pandemic life before, right? The weeks are merging together. I’ve been working from home the last two months, and have at least two more ahead of me — probably more. I have no desire to interact with the public. When I go to do curbside grocery pickup, I see lots of people with masks on, but I know that a sizeable portion of the population simply isn’t being careful. In fact they are being reckless, and they will kill people with their ignorance and negligence. I won’t be one of their victims if there is anything I can do about it.

That all being said, I love being home during the day with my wife. I love it. I love having no commute. I feel like I’m able to make as great or greater contribution to my workplace from home. I wonder how many other people are waking up to this.

I’ve been getting in some skateboarding in the evenings, and some good walks too. Got back on the freestyle board yesterday, for the first time since my February freestyle trip to Florida, when all this stuff was just starting. It usually takes me a session or two to readapt to the FS board, but this session was pretty good. When I start back up, I just spend a session or more doing nothing but footwork, wheelies, and flowing tricks. Nothing more. I just get the feel for the board again. Sometimes if I’ve not been on the FS board for months, I feel a lot of hesitance to get back on. It’s like I wonder if I’ll still be able to do it. But I know I will be OK once I’m on the board.

I’ve got a lot of projects going, as usual. Right now I’m trying to get ready to submit a video for the online World Freestyle Roundup. It needs to be a 1.5 minute run, which is kind of short, but I’m entering the Masters Amateur division, for ages 40 and up, and I suppose they don’t think our cardio is good enough to go the full two minutes. I’m glad they are separating the guys like me from the pros. There is a Masters Pro division too, which is nice, because guys like me don’t have to compete with skaters who are pros. So that should be cool. I need to get a good run on video, and that means my wife will need to come out and shoot the footage. Tripod footage won’t be sufficient.

I’ve moved my tabletop roleplaying game, Traveller, to an online system called Roll20. We’ve played a couple of times, and it worked really well. So that’s been fun.

It’s also been fun doing an internet radio show a few times a week.

So life isn’t too bad. I’m lucky.