A fun time

This last weekend I drove down to my friend Mike’s house in Belton for some nerdish fun.

Drove down on Saturday afternoon to his exquisitely arranged compound, ate grilled burgers with him and his family, then we all watch Captain America: the Winter Solder the television machine. I still think it is the best the Marvel has done.

Then Sunday morning we got up and I followed them back up north the Waco (famous for being the home of Baylor University and in close proximity to David Koresh’s Branch Davidian Compound) and we attended HOT CON (Heart O’ Texas CON), a comics and fandom convention. It is a smaller con, which is fine. It was fun, low key, and had lots of cool stuff. I love going to stuff like that. Mike’s boys did a little cosplay — one was Green Arrow and the other was a gas mask wearing guy (not sure who the character was, but it was a great get-up).

Thanks to Mike and the familia for a great time.

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