Old Bastard Trick Tip #5: 180 Shove-It

In keeping with the simple movement/flow footwork kind of thing we’re looking at here, this week’s tip is for 180 shove-its. Again, you can learn these on a normal board. I’d love it if you’d go to Moonshine skateboard or Mode Skateboards (see the side-bar) and buy a freestyle board, but don’t let that stop you from working on this stuff.

Like any other trick, it’s easier to do a shitty shove-it. I did a bunch when I was filming the first version for this tip. Bad landings. Simple trick, but bad landings. Weird. I’ve been doing these tricks for 40 years, but still the bad landings plague me on the forward 180 shove-it. That’s OK. Just means I can still get better! So once you start landing these, start working on making good landings (I kept landing the forward shove-it with my back heel on the board, toes hanging way off, and it looked like crap).

Old Bastard Freestyle Trick Tip 5: the 180 Shove-It from Bob Loftin on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Old Bastard Trick Tip #5: 180 Shove-It

  1. Eric Sanders

    Gonna give these a try. want to get my walkie dogs down less clown footy first. Oh, tail skid is a very good thing. Thanks Bob.

  2. Jonathan

    Thanks Bob!
    The 180 shuv is one I can do on lock, but for whatever reason, I haven’t tried the fakie before (at least a far as I can remember). It just didn’t occur to me until I saw you doing it. Loved working on this one. Got ’em. Finally, I learned a new trick!
    I tried a little bit of doing the “frontside(?)” shuv. Didn’t get that one yet, but I may not be too far off. Really weird mechanics to that one. Felt like trying to write left handed.
    Man, I wish the weekends were closer together so I could get back out there sooner.
    You and Tony have been a great inspiration!


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