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Connecting with one blogger (Kyle Duvall of the Parking Block Diaries) a few months ago has resulted in meeting some good people online. I found David Thornton, and was on his Luchaskate podcast, and I’m enjoying his writing and his podcast. We’re going to trade some actual physical copies of our zines.

Then a yesterday I connected with Chris Sedition, of Concrete Existence. He’s been writing a while, and yesterday he began chronicling his own life in skateboarding more biographically. It’s a really good read, and I agree with Chris that reading the stories and tall-tales of everyday skaters is a lot more interesting than reading a pro biography.

It’s great to be connected with some really smart new people. The artists, writers, and musicians I’ve met through skateboarding continue to blow my mind. And it’s so good to have some cool shit to read!


The need for a rant…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a witty and hilarious (and possibly hate-filled) rant here on my blog. Please be advised that I’m aware of this, and actively reviewing worthy topics. Some possibilities include…

Editor’s note: My friend Jeremy read this, and asked why I “want my enemies to be free from suffering”? So please, anytime you see me wishing someone dead in this post, simply replace with “I hope [insert correct pronoun here] is suffering.”

  1. The girl in second grade who criticized me for liking Halloween more than “the birthday of Jesus”. I hope she’s dead.
  2. The junior high coach who wouldn’t put me in the track program in the 8th grade even though I was running every day after school as was about to hit my growth spurt and really become a good athlete. Screw him. I happen to know he’s still alive, sadly.
  3. That guy who made me mad that time about that thing…yeah…you know who I’m talking about. Hope he’s dead too.
  4. People who feel the need to convince a free adult American that his/her religious ideology is correct and their target’s in wrong. The hubris that allows one person to think they have the answers to life’s ultimate questions must be stamped out. Of this I am 100% certain, and if you disagree with me you are not only wrong but going to hell.
  5. The single fecal dribble stain on the wall of one of the bathroom stalls at work. Apparently someone had explosive decompression, and this one dookie particle made its way to the wall, sliding down about 2 inches, leaving a mild brown track behind it. It’s been there for 3 weeks. Hey – its not my job to clean it! How does this happen?! I’m still trying to compute the impossible trajectory. Was this a one-cheek sneak that got way out of hand? Was this the magic bullet that would have made Lee Harvey Oswald green with envy? Perhaps we’ll never know.
  6. People who back into parking places.

So there is my list of possible new posts. We’ll see how this all works out.

Chaos equals blog success?

Today I decided to check out my blog stats from the last quarter, shown below, to see what the most popular posts on the site have been.

I am sad to report that the article “MacBook WiFi problem/solution is still the most popular article. It has been the most popular article for the last couple of years. Actually, ever since I wrote it.

I’m sad because it indicates that many people are still having problems with their MacBooks and WiFi connectivity. I hope my article has helped some people.

One very interesting part of having a totally unfocused blog is the strange mix of popular posts. The post I made about my Streit Slumber chair is found by someone almost every day. Its amazing to me that so many people enter “streit slumber chair” into a search engine – most likely Google — and find my blog.

Likewise, my cat drawings and the article about the silverback gorilla at the Dallas Zoo always get some hits. Kind of funny – my drawings aren’t very good.

My skateboarding articles do really well, and this makes me feel like I should just shut down, and move it all over here. I won’t do that, though.

I’ve very happy that some of the more techie articles get good use. I should write more of those.

2010-01-23 to Today

Title Views
Home page 782 More stats
MacBook WiFi problem/solution 243 More stats
bob’s trick tips videos 203 More stats
the Streit Slumber Chair 202 More stats
Some downhill longboard carving 151 More stats
yet another cat drawing. 149 More stats
Some downhill skateboard racing 68 More stats
Silverback at the Fort Worth Zoo 62 More stats
Combining free blog hosting with your ow 55 More stats
Importing problem with iPhoto and Canon 45 More stats
RSS Readers: Google Reader vs. Bloglines 40 More stats
My new MacBook – problem – solution? 34 More stats