Why I will not watch the film Idiocracy

People tell me that I must see the film Idiocracy.

People I respect and think are really smart tell me how great the film is.

Then you hear people comparing the real world to the world portrayed in the movie. “See — Idiocracy is true”. That kind of thing.

However, I hear the same thing from people I think are dumb, or those I just disagree with. They are applying their own social/political filter to the film and they see what they want.

So what we have is a film that everyone thinks is speaking from their point of view. I’m not really interested in that, so I’ll never watch the film.

2 thoughts on “Why I will not watch the film Idiocracy

  1. David Rush

    I assume you would normally consider recommendations of people you respect and not consider recommendations of those you don’t like. So where do you end up on this last possibility?

    Resp Not-Resp You
    Y Y N
    Y N Y
    N Y N
    N N ?

    Just curious


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