Trip to Houston

Went to Houston on Friday to pick up a bike I bought from my friend Jason. A killer 1980s steel framed Centurion mixte — made by Samurai warriors in Japan.

On the way down I stopped for gas and got these. Muy delicioso!
Barritas Fresa

Here’s the northbound traffic I was driving past on I-45 — it was like this all the way between Conroe and Houston — 20 miles or so of grid-frickin’-lock. This is why this country, and Houston in particular, are in for some serious petroleum detox in coming years.


Here are my friend Jason’s cats. I love cats.

And finally, here is the new bike, at home. It is way fast — amazing for a single speed. Quiet. Ninja quiet.


I spent about $60 on gasoline to go get the bike. I will make that up very quickly in gas saved using this bike for commuting and errands. It already has a nice rack and quick-release rack basket.

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