the Ape Regards His Tail

When I saw DEVO perform on the TV show Fridays in 1980, I’m pretty sure that changed my world view forever. I was into some somewhat innovative music at the time, like the Cars. Of course, the Cars weren’t really “out there”, but they sounded different and were played on the radio. Being a skateboarder, I was aware of DEVO, but really didn’t get it.

Then I saw this performance on TV.


I was instantly a weirdo, and happier for it.

This week, the longtime drummer of DEVO, Alan Myers, died of brain cancer. I am so sad for him, his friends, and family. You see, three years ago my father died of extremely aggressive brain cancer. It is not a good way to go.

In fact, the day my dad was diagnosed, I went to see DEVO for the first time here in Dallas. Alan wasn’t with the band then, but kind of weird, eh? I was bumming hard, but dad was asleep in the hospital, mom was finally asleep at home, and I figured what the hell, I might as well go. I’ve got the tickets. It was fantastic.

So I’m posting this video in memory of Alan. It is worth sitting through the commercial for.

3 thoughts on “the Ape Regards His Tail

  1. Paul

    I remember this performance. Bunch of us Wizards over at somebody’s house that night. Life-changing indeed. We all knew of DEVO. Didn’t really know DEVO. I remember Salba I think in a pic with those letters plastered across the front of his helmet. That was good enough for us.

  2. Robin Renee

    A wonderful, poignant post. I am on my way now from the Philadelphia area to Columbus, OH. I am one of the Mutant Mountain Boys, and we are performing at a Devo tribute there, especially honoring Alan (I am still not used to the idea of his being gone). Thank you for sharing your words, your sadness, your life-altering memory of a truly great band.


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