Some footwork

I was really tired from spending a couple of hours in the heat at a skate event today, but went out to just work on my footwork a bit tonight. Specifically, I am working on smooth transitions from end-overs to walk the dog, which requires some foot repositioning during the pivot part of the end-over.

I know I could improve it a lot simply by tightening my trucks, but I hate tight trucks. Also, I think I could probably do smoother footwork on a normal newschool board.  Not too bad though, considering my low energy level.

There’s a big seam between the concrete section about halfway down my little practice area. Need to get used to rolling across it. I am breaking up my line a lot just by being a little to conscious of it.

2 thoughts on “Some footwork

  1. Mike Moore

    Nice! You started getting looser around the 1:00 minute mark. In my humble opinion, I think your style is more “flowy” on bigger boards…more of a Peralta feel. Don’t get me wrong…you done REAL good here…I dig watching you carve into stuff.

  2. Bob

    yeah, I kind of agree. I think I have an internal conflict between how I actually skate and how I think I’d like to skate. With the longer wheelbase shove-its are somewhat more difficult, but I may set up a newschool deck and give it a try. To tell the truth, I wish I could get a FS board with mellower nose and tail angles. THAT would smooth things out a lot.


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