Went skating last night. Fun. My friend Dale moved back here, so we’ll be skating together a lot now, which is great! Early sundowns now forced us to the skatepark in McKinney. It has a little “ditch” style run, which is fun to carve around in, though for some reason I find the walls mostly too low to really do any tricks. I guess I need to start riding the lower end a bit more, where the walls are of a reasonable height. Nice thing — at least he walls are mostly flat.

Rode a board I bought last year for the first time. A Cockfight Skateboards Dave “Shaggy” Palmer model. 8.75″ wide, but with the nice curved sides you can run some 149 trucks on it and they fit perfectly. I like to use 149s when I can, as they are more responsive than wider trucks.

Of course, half the fun of the evening was just talking with Dale as we drove and skated. Always fun. Lots of plans for skating and projects.

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