Skateboarding, Germany, and Information Filters

It’s interesting and weird exactly what information makes it through our built-in cognitive filters. Most skateboarders will tell you that they constantly, involutarily scan for places to skate, other skaters, etc.  It’s just the way we see the world. After over 30 years of being a skateboarder, I doubt I will ever be able to not think this way.

Last summer we were on a trip to Germany, during the World Cup. We were at a big festival in Frankfurt, just walking, taking in the sights, and chilling. I noticed a bright spec of paper on the ground several feet away. Something familiar to it. As I got closer, I noticed it was a sticker for Chocolate, a well-known skateboard brand. I guess some skater dropped it. It ended up there, face up, ready to get my attention. We snapped this pic, and a nice print is now hanging on our wall.

 chocolate sticker in Germany

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