Riding the longboard

Yesterday (Sunday) the sun finally came out, dried up some of the water from what seems like 2 weeks of rain, and warmed up the air a little bit. So I managed to get out for a few minutes and carve around on my Loaded Vanguard longboard. What a great board. The giant, chunky, ABEC-11 Gumball wheels really make the sucker roll smooth and fast. Combined with the flex of the board, going over a modest speed bump hardly feels like anything. Fun. It really felt good to be back on a board after so long. I did a little board-walking and toe-spins, but mostly carved around nice and low and felt the Flow.

Its really a shame that more new skaters don’t experience the fun of riding a board that actually rolls and turns well. Newschool boards are perfectly evolved for modern trick-oriented skating, but are really not very good for flowing around smoothly. Its always fun to see a new skater ride a proper carving/longboard setup for the first time, and see the smile on their face resulting from the improved ride and sheer fun. Of course I like all kinds of skating, but longboarding really helped me reconnect with the pure fun of rolling and turning and flowing.

2 thoughts on “Riding the longboard

  1. coastalblog

    We totally agree!! We found the “Ham Board” at this past Surf Expo and man … talk about a LONG board it’s 6 ft 8 and it’s a blast. Best down hill but it’s amazing how responsive it is for such a really big Skateboard.

  2. rickirocko

    i hear you dude… i have a trickboard and a longboard. longboard wins every time. haha.. there’s really something different cruising around the neighborhood or bombing some hills than pulling off tricks on a trickboard.


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