New Freestyle Board

I think I may have mentioned that my friends seem to think I skate flatground better on a standard newschool street board. So I’ve been riding one for a couple of weeks. In fact, the video I just posted is done on this board. it’s a standard 7.75″ wide newschool board, from Index Skate Supply (in Dallas), with Ace 22 trucks and 50mm Bones STF wheels.

After a short time adjusting to it, I really feel like my skating is better on this size board. It’s light. It is big enough to provide a good landing platform. The narrow contact patch of the wheels, which offer less traction, seems to offset the longer wheelbase when doing shove-its. The longer  wheelbase also give me just a little more room to move my feet around for footwork. Overall, the thing is light, very responsive, and simple. I even think my fingerflips are better on this board — much better landings, now that I’m used to it.


2 thoughts on “New Freestyle Board

  1. Mike Moore

    Regarding my board size change…It’s not that I’m adverse to change, it’s that I’m adverse to slams. I can’t shake the memory of trying to skate that GSD reissue and constantly stepping off the back, splitting the “boys” apart.

  2. Bob

    Just try it on a large newschool board, with modern nose and tail angles – good angles – not some crazy ass steep tail. You won’t step off.


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