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I’ve been running this blog for a while now, and thought I’d post up the all-time stats for most popular posts. These are the ones over 100 views. Pretty cool. My skateboarding stuff is popular, as well as any technical stuff about Macs, blogging, Linux, etc. I’ve been blown away by the interest in my Streit Slumber Chair.

Some downhill longboard carving 4,114 More stats
RSS Readers: Google Reader vs. Bloglines 1,496 More stats
My new MacBook – problem – solution? 1,391 More stats
the Streit Slumber Chair 869 More stats
Some downhill skateboard racing 855 More stats
bob’s trick tips videos 797 More stats
Importing problem with iPhoto and Canon 743 More stats
MacBook WiFi problem/solution 646 More stats
Silverback at the Fort Worth Zoo 608 More stats
Combining free blog hosting with your ow 436 More stats
Canon SD750 and video 408 More stats
Comet Longboard 357 More stats
Longboard ditch skating 204 More stats
Canon PowerShot SD750 199 More stats
about bsk8 191 More stats
yet another cat drawing. 182 More stats
Skateboarding, Germany, and Information 180 More stats
Ice Cave in Austria 159 More stats
“Hip” librarians… 156 More stats
Aikido image “art”. 148 More stats and the death of a website 131 More stats
Comet longboard: pre-review article 128 More stats
MacBook update 125 More stats
Moving your site to a new server: some t 103 More stats

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