More practice

After a week off, I headed back to Aikido practice last night, determined to do better shoulder rolls. I succeeded for the first 30 minutes, and then fatigue set in. Actually, my left rolls are fine. It’s my right side roll that is giving me trouble. So I’m going to just take it slow, get nice and low when I do them to reduce the impact, and really try to get good, smooth form.

kotegaeshi1.jpgTechnique-wise, last night we did some moves from the Katatetori attack — which is a single wrist grab. Katatetori Kotegaishi seem to work pretty well for me. I’ve done Kotegaishi before, so this was just another way to get into it. Thanks to this site for the Kotegaishi image.

We also did Katatetori Shihonage — which is a pretty cool throw. You set the Shihonage up from the wrist grab with a low wrist control/twist technique (I’m not sure the term for it), and then move into the Shihonage throw.

Among other moves, we did what I believe is called Katagatame (in this case, Katatetori Katagatame). It is similar to the rotary throw, but rather than throwing your partner, you bring them down into a arm/shoulder lock. Pretty cool.

These techniques look simple and not so rough, but they are actually pretty rough. The wrist locks in particular, when applied correctly, are amazingly effective and potentially painful.