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My ex-brother-in-law works in “finance”. One line of business of his company involves buying or getting a controlling interest in companies that do lots of interesting things. Those companies might need capital or whatever. For example, they bought a boot company. A company that made cowboy boots. Really nice boots. I mean, these people LOVED boots. Boots is what they live for. Now, do you think McHuge Investco really cares about boots? If you said “sure, they probably LOVE boots” you should probably stop using crack.

And this is what happens when you add money scumbags, marketing scumbags, and scumbags-in-general to something like skateboarding. The abortion that was the Olympic street skating event is what results.

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  1. Eric Sanders

    I keep hoping that extreme pogo stick or something just as wacky will attract all the corporations and lets skaters ride skateboards again without all the hype hoop de do. Who would’ve thought that Pepsi getting involved with skating in the 70s would have morphed into this marketing fiasco of greed, money lust, and rail contest at the olympics.
    Plain and simple it was a rail/ledge contest. Why even bother with inclines at all. Rails and ledges are not the only skating to be done.


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