Micro Mini Ramp

Time for a confession. I stink at doing any skateboard tricks on coping. I grew up in a non-coping environment. Never really got into skating mini ramps, and never really got good at vert. I’m not a total spaz. I can drop in, doing the basics grinds, slides, etc, but the whole coping thing has never been my scene.

So, inspired by some videos on the interwebs, my friend Chris and I are going to build this comically low quarter pipe. Really, not a quarter. More like 1/16 of a quarter. Anyway, it will have coping. The idea is to just build little easy to move ramp to do some grinds on.

We’ll put some coping on the back too, so it can be an ollie-to-grind kind of thing on that side. Only 8 inches high. should be fun.

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