Living vicariously

My friend Mike Moore went to the county fair a couple of days ago, and I am sooooo jealous. Here’s his write-up. 

While Mike is somewhat disappointed by the disappointingly clean and sober fair, I’m pretty sure it was still cool. Oh, maybe it wasn’t the nice stomp through the slime at the bottom the gene pool that Mike was hoping for, but it looks like it was time well spent.

While I enjoy writing about the Twilight Zone, stupid people, and all that, there is really no substitute for getting out there in the middle of the great mass of humanity to find great stories and images. You can’t do it sitting in your house. Every great writer has known that.

OK, maybe not every great writer. Some of them probably just made shit up. But it sounds good, so I’m gonna stick with it.

Mike’s images really make me want to go get a nice camera. They always do. I have no idea — not a clue — about the art of photography. But with digital photography, luckily, it is fairly cheap to experiment and learn.

A fairly crappy looking carnival sets up just north of my workplace at least once a year. Next time, dude, I am so there. I’m all over it, camera and all.


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