Letting go…

As I stated in my first post, cleverly entitled “Pissed”, all my WordPress blogs got hacked a couple of days ago. Some sort of “worm” infected all the .php files in all my directories. A real pain in the ass.

But….perhaps it was and is time to change. My main blog, well, I’d been writing it for 5 years. It kind of stinks to lose all that (though I do have the XML backup file of the posts), but really very few people were reading it anyway.

I originally opted to “self-host” via rented server space at dreamhost.com because at one time there was really no place to host videos and whatnot. But that’s not the case anymore. Frankly, I can’t really think of any particularly good reason to bother with such a convoluted setup. At least not for my purposes.

So, I’m gonna stick around here on blogspot for a while and see how this goes. Is this my evolution from industrious web-guy to somewhat lazier web-guy? Not sure. At least this way I don’t have to worry about software updates, security, and all that other IT bullshit, and I can concentrate on content creation.

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