How to get lots of web traffic.

Here are a few ideas about getting lots of traffic on our blog/website. Now, I’m not talking about some big corporate site. I’m taking about “small” sites, created by one or a few people, without a bunch of money backing them. How can you get more than a few readers a day?

1) Be famous,once famous, semi-famous, or an opinion leader. For example, the great Steven Cohen, law librarian and conference speaker, is sort of an opinion leader. He gets readers. Granted, his blog is on a corporate site, but I’m going to still give him the benefit of the doubt and say he’s a one-guy with a computer blogger. Former child star and cast member of Star Trek the Next Generation Wil Wheaton has been blogging for years, and seems to have some readership. He seems to be pretty cool guy, writes fairly well, and people know him.

2) Have compelling content that is in demand. My other site, Bob’s Trick Tips, used to get about 15,000 – 25, 000 page views a day. I’ve written about this before, but that was before user-generated content via sites like Google made video posting really accessible to the masses. Back in the old days, my site was one of the only places you could see skateboard trick videos. Now the content is the same, and it still gets several thousand page views a day, but there’s just more competition.

3) Post outrageous stuff. I’ve notices on WordPress that by posted outlandish, sensationalist, or reactionary stuff, blogs get temporary spikes in usage.

4) Create community. If you can get a community going, and then maintain its momentum, you can get pretty good traffic. Also, participating in other online communities seems to boost your traffic.

5) Useful/unique information. I’m separating this from “compelling content”. The more actual, non-opinion information I post on this blog, the more hits I get. It doesn’t equal thousands per day, but it has grown. The story I posted about the chair I inherited, along with links to patent information, etc, company history, etc., gets traffic every day.  Really, I’d rather have someone find this blog useful for something like that than to attract them because I posted some crazy political opinion.

So, any other ideas? I welcome your comments on this topic.

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