Dallas Ebola and the CDC

When Dallas became the first city in the country to have a patient diagnosed with Ebola, the director of the CDC said that they would “stop Ebola in its tracks” — or something like that.

When two nurses came down with Ebola, and one of them had been on a plane, it appeared likely that more would come down with the disease in spite of the CDC’s proclamation.

No one did.

No one else, to this day, has gotten Ebola from that initial case and the two nurses.

The nutcases were coming out of the woodwork, claiming the “government is lying to us”, saying the CDC is incompetent, etc.

They were all, as usual, totally wrong, as stupid people usually are.

They shut Ebola down. First case in the US shows up at somewhat unprepared hospital — two sick nurses — contact tracking and monitoring — the CDC did it. The knew what they were doing.

The people of the CDC are professionals, unlike the talk radio buffoons and other conspiracy nuts.

Congrats, CDC.

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