A few notes on bobstricktips.com

In 1999 I began my website, Bob’s Trick Tips. I had noticed that few young skaters knew any of the old tricks from the 1970s, and of course flatland freestyle was all but dead. The F forum was up, and Lillis had some tips there, but that was pretty much it.

So I designed and built BTT to 1)educate the current generation of skaters about older moves and 2)try to help revive freestyle.

10 years later, there is a great international freestyle scene. Because of BTT, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and skate with great people all over the country, as well as with my friend Yoyo Schulz, in Germany. I’ve skated with Michael Brooke up in Canada, Gary Holl and his crew up in the San Francisco area, become good friends with Jeremy Elder, met new friends here in Texas, and reconnected with many old friends. One of my best friends, Mike Moore, contacted me because he found my site — a friendship I’ll always value and for which I’m grateful.

The friendships that BTT helped me start have been by far the greatest unforeseen benefit of having the site.

But over time, the nature of the internet has changed. In 1999, it was expensive to put video on the web. Over the last 4 years, it has become easy and common. Websites like youtube and other social networking sites have allowed everyone to participate in reviving freestyle and as a result, things are thriving. While this has been happening, I’ve been getting interested in some other things, as you’ll see from this blog. I still skate, and love skateboarding, but there is a lot more to learn and do. I simply don’t have the time to maintain and update BTT the way it really needs to be done.

So I’ve shut it down. There’s nothing sadder than a site that is never updated. I don’t want that to be the case with anything I’m involved in.

I’ve archived the videos from the site here on this blog. Please feel free to watch them, share them, etc. That’s what they are here for. I may film new tricks from time to time and post them here, as well as longboarding videos, and other skate-media projects. I’ll be working with Jeremy Elder on some projects in the near future too.

So a big thanks to everyone who supported BTT over the years. It has been a great and rewarding experience for me.


1 thought on “A few notes on bobstricktips.com

  1. Jon.C

    RIP bobtricktips.com
    I was sad when the website diden’t work I needed to google it and see whats rong. All good things come to an end though I guess.

    GL with the future bob.


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