1st Aikido Practice – good

Well, I survived my first Aikido practice. I’m less sore than I was expecting, probably because my practice partner went easy on me! haha. Nothing hurts too bad — just the feeling of muscles and joints waking up after a long slumber. Anyway, it was fun and enlightening. Aikido is a complicated martial art, and even after one practice it is easy to see why people study if for many years.

After doing some warm up stretches, we practiced some techniques, of which I can’t remember the full names of. We did the techniques from the standpoint of someone being punched to the mid-section. I believe the name of that punch is called “tsuki”, so the technique names probably have tsuki in them somewhere. A lot of Aikido techniques also involve being grabbed, but we didn’t do that last night. So we did one form of irimi nage, kotegaeshi (I think it was munetsuki kotegaishi), and a couple of others I’m not sure about. I think on was munetsuki koshinage.

I’ll practice again on Wednesday, and if all goes well in the new year I’ll join the dojo for real, buy a gi, and learn how to fall really well. Thanks to this dojo for letting me borrow their image.