I wrote what I thought was a pretty good post about skateboarding. Then I decided I want to use it in issue #2 of the freestyle skateboarding magazine I am involved in, so I took it off this site. BUT — here is a picture my friend Dale took of me (I used it in the now-deleted post).


A short skate vid

Shot this video today, after procuring a little Zip Zinger board, from Krooked. It’s actually a fun board to ride, and the 55mm soft and resilient OJ wheels allow it to roll smoothly over nearly everything. Lots of fun.

This particular Zip Zinger is 8″ wide with a 14″ wheelbase. Its dimensions are pretty much the same as a typical newschool board, but the shape is reminiscent of boards from the mid-1970s. With the narrow Indy 101 trucks and 1/4″ risers, it really kind of feels like one of those boards (but better, since it has concave and isn’t solid oak).

It is taking a bit of time to get used to this board, but it’s fun.

Curb My Enthusiasm

Back before skaters became fixated on handrails and “going big”, curb and parking block skating was something many of us did and found quite fun. When I was in college, before and after sessions on the vert ramp near campus, we’d skate the curbs on the street next to the ramp.

So today before my friend Chris got to the hill for our downhill session, I got out my street board and started working on a few moves. On the way home I remembered quite a few others, which I’ll tape in the coming weeks.